Accessorize Into Spring & Summer

In this season’s styles, you’ll see many styles which you’ve seen in the past few year’s springs & summer collections. This demonstrates to us that what we already have in our wardrobes is absolutely fine.

Of course though, it is a great boost to us to have something new. All that may be needed to update your wardrobes is a new accessory. Read on for advice on which ones to consider. Most of us women are spending less, but we do still want to treat ourselves and we certainly deserve to! Little things: a new necklace, earrings or bangles, new make-up, a scarf or an evening out with girlfriends are the perfect pick-me-ups. So, which accessories are going to serve you best for the coming season?

Earrings Oversized chandelier style earrings are a huge hit for the coming season – in more ways than one! They are eye-catching and can really glam up your look instantly and are a great look for you Dramatic & Romantic Style Personalities. But be careful to consider your scale when purchasing large earrings as the larger styles could look a bit silly around a small face!

Necklaces One of the most simple and easiest ways to update and change an outfit is to add a stunning, attention grabbing statement necklace. You’ll find them in all high street stores. Remember to stay in keeping with your Style Personality, so the City Chic’s among us will be drawn to a simple statement piece. The Romantic’s may opt for those pretty statement necklaces such as butterflies. Those with a Natural style personality could prefer to use their best colours to bring in a simple pendant on a single chain. Adding a little of one of your best colours can be as eye-catching as the large statement necklaces. Classic style personalities may well bring out their vintage pearls which are fantastic accessories for this season. Pearls are reflective and therefore bright and fresh looking and add real glamour to any outfit!

Bangles We’ve seen bangles get larger and larger over the last few seasons and so it is great news that they are here once again. Have a rummage through your jewelery box and bring out your larger bangles. You can wear them in any colour, on their own or in sets.

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