Accessorize Your Wardrobe

Accessories aren’t just belts and handbags, you can also buy jewelry, scarves, hair pieces, shawls, gloves, socks, stockings, legwarmers, clutch purses, hats, ties, and light weight t-shirts for the layered effect. A wardrobe that includes a good balance of trendy and fashionable items, with old favorites such as a smart pair of jeans or little black dress, and a great selection of accessories means you’ll always look good, and can emulate the latest trends with ease.

Many people assume that since the seasons change 4 times a year that many of their older clothes won’t be ‘in fashion’ anymore, but actually this is wrong, take a look at the clothes on sale now, and with the exception of a few items that might have seasonal patterns, most items seem to reappear every season. Winter boots alternate between low heels and high heels, but staple colors such as black and brown are never out of fashion.

Similarly jeans or button down shirts, these never go out of style, but perhaps this season a handful of designs are a little more adventurous or made with a different fabric. Accessorizing helps you stay current, choose a scarf or off the shoulder tie in the same fabric as the shirts in season, adjust the size of your belt so that an older but much loved pair of jeans or pants don’t look out of place. Buy stockings with seasonal patterns to wear with your favorite a-line skirt and heels, these are the sorts of things you can do to keep fashion costs down.

Some of the best known celebrities through the ages have been seen wearing the same pants or dresses year after year, yet nobody comments on seeing the same outfit, instead they are complimented for their sense of timeless style. you can do the same, by accessorizing your wardrobe so that a good range of pants, skirts, dresses, and tops whether they are t-shirts or button down shirts, can be reused over and over yet still the outfit looks fresh.

Consider buying clothes in a limited range of colors that look great on you, and then accent these with bolder colored accessories, and buy sets of accessories in similar colors, perhaps a pair of red heels, a red belt, and a red handbag, which will look spectacular with a pair of jeans and a white shirt; or gold shoes, a gold belt, some gold jewelry, with brown pants and a fawn colored shirt. It doesn’t take much to dress up a plain outfit, and you’ll have more fun looking for accessories than for new outfits.

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